Who is eligible?

The grants of the Foundation are aimed at excellent women scientists in the field of experimental natural sciences. The CNV-Foundation sponsors graduate students from the start of the second year of their thesis and as long as the project is still in its experimental stage. With postdoctoral fellows we are particularly keen to support those who have changed their area of research after their doctoral studies. Funding to continue research in the area of your doctoral research project will require particularly compelling reasons stated in your cover letter.

Eligible to apply are graduate students and postdoctoral fellows of all nationalities, who are conducting their research at a university or research institute in Germany, as well as postdoctoral fellows who have obtained their doctoral degree at a German university and continue their research abroad.

The stipend is not intended to cover the living expenses of the applicant and her family. These must already be covered from other sources. It is expected that during the funding period the applicant work full time and full time daycare is already provided for and finance.

Who is not eligible?
Applicants who are taking parental leave during the funding period, senior scientists, junior professors and independent group leaders cannot apply.

How to apply?
Application deadline is on November 30st of each calendar year. The application and references can be written in English as well as in German language. The application can only be submitted via our application portal starting on 1. September each year.

Application link for phds

Application link for postdocs

Copies of the relevant certificates can be uploaded on the application portal.

Each application requires letters of references. The information from whom and how many references you need, will be found on the application portal.

You will receive an email via the application portal with links for the referees so that they can upload their reference there. Please make sure to forward the link to the corresponding referee.

Please provide the individuals writing a letter of recommendation with the NOTES FOR RECOMMENDATIONS document found below.

Notes for authors of reference letters (download pdf)

If you should have further questions please read the FAQ before sending an email:

FAQ (download pdf)

What is the selection procedure?
Applicants who have been shortlisted based on their written applications will be invited to an interview. The interview will take place approximately 10 to 12 weeks after the application deadline. All applicants will be informed on the results the week following the interviews.

What will the grant be?
The funding amounts to 500 Euro per month and is granted for one year. This financial assistance will be given for help reduce the amount of time spent with household tasks and for additional childcare in order to increase the time used for scientific research. The fund can be used, for example, to hire help, buy a dishwasher or washing machine, and for additional childcare (sitter during the evenings or while attending conferences).
Funding begins in March after the application deadline. Payments will be made in monthly installments.

A brief report should be submitted once funding has ceased, which serves as informal feedback for the Foundation.

Can funding be extended beyond one year?
Funding can be extended in exceptional cases after one year upon an informal application. A brief progress report is required as well as a declaration on how the funds have been spent and a written statement of consent from your advisor. The application is to be sent via email to heike.heth[at]cnv-stiftung.deby the end of the year in which the stipend has been granted.